Álvaro Munno

Alvaro’s been playing Table Tennis since he was 15 and is now ranked within the top 200 in his native Argentina. He loves to compete in provincial tournaments and is always looking for ways to improve. Alvaro made his favourite memories with a racket in hand, and he joined the RacketInsight team to share his passion with other players! Blade: Tibhar Stratus Power Wood | Forehand: Rakza Z | Backhand: Rakza 7 Soft Playstyle: Forehand Looper

Why Boosting Must Stop

Boosting Is Ruining Table Tennis – Here’s Why

I believe that the use of boosters is detrimental to the sport in many different ways, and that the ITTF must start enforcing the rule that prohibits boosting. If they don’t, the rules of the sport will have to keep changing constantly for the foreseeable future.