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The 5 Best Table Tennis Scoreboards You Can Buy in 2024 | Umpire Picks

I hate keeping score. There I said it. 

Maybe not “hate,” but having to keep track of the score and games can be a nuisance when all I want to do is focus on winning the next point. 

Large digital scoreboards & umpires are reserved for the main tables at international events, but what about a local club? With players often scoring for each other, a visual scoreboard is critical for easy communication. In particular, preventing discrepancies during heated club matches. 

The best table tennis scoreboards keep track of points and games, while some even offer ‘Time Out’ indicators. I’ve played enough to know that a good scoreboard can relieve stress from the players’ mental game while also providing onlookers with a clear view of the score. 

The only time I don’t want to know the score is when I’m losing. 

Comparison of the Best Scoreboards

Top Choice
STIGA Scoreboard

STIGA Scoreboard

  • Large display
  • Folds up easily
  • Includes a ‘Time Out’ indicator
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Most Durable
JOOLA Result

JOOLA Result

  • Strong plastic numbers
  • Attached to thick plastic rings
  • Folds up and closes tightly.
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Best Value
Yiwoo Score Keeper

Yiwoo Score Keeper

  • Large bright colors
  • Numbers on both sides for fans and players
  • Outdoor-ready to be used with other sports
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Most Versatile
JOOLA Pointer

JOOLA Pointer

  • Sturdy base with help from the box
  • Easy-to-see black and white contrast
  • Mobile whether it’s setup or in the box 
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Best For Scoring
STIGA SensorScore

STIGA SensorScore

  • Sensors automatically keep score for you
  • Current score is announced through the speaker
  • Easily control via a table-mounted remote
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In-Depth Table Tennis Scoreboard Reviews

I’ve played in hundreds of local league matches and tournaments, as well as umpiring at national events. In that time, I’ve used some absolutely terrible scoreboards.

We all have to take our turn keeping score for those around us. A job that’s made so much easier when your scoreboard does the basics right. 

  • Does it have all the numbers? 
  • Does it count games and track time-out periods?
  • Can you hold it so it’s not perched precariously on your lap?
  • Can everyone see the score?

Nobody really loves repeatedly counting to 11, so it’s worth making sure the scoreboards are at least easy to use and score properly.

I’ve only put my top recommended scoreboards on this list (except for the Yiwoo which is just the best cheap option!) which can handle regular usage at clubs or at home. 

David’s Pick — STIGA Scoreboard

Top Choice
STIGA Scoreboard
  • Type: Manual
  • Dimensions: 19" L x 9" W x 11" H

Summary:  This larger scoreboard is great for gymnasium tournaments or home play. Large numbers and big metal rings make flipping scores easy, and it folds up for travel from event to event.

The STIGA Scoreboard is the best on this list and my top pick for your next club tournament or recreation center game night. 

It’s a larger display, measuring 19 inches in size. So there’ll be no confusion about the score for anyone watching. Even a gallery of adorning fans sitting far away will be able to see the score (or anyone without the best eyesight!). 

It comes in tournament-inspired, jet black or navy blue and is made from soft plastic, with strong metal rings at the top. This shape and design will fit into any athletic bag or briefcase, so you can easily bring it to and from each event. 

The scoreboard folds and unfolds quickly into something that resembles a school binder. The addition of the “Time-Out” indicators is also great for a tournament scoreboard. 

While the paper number cards require a bit more care when in use than others, there’s a lot to like about this scoreboard, and it adds a touch of professionalism to any match.  


  • Large size makes it great for clubs and recreation centers
  • Easy sliding time-out card slots  
  • Strong metal rings to flip scores fast 
  • Fold and snap storage to make traveling a breeze
  • Soft plastic exterior so it sits level on different surfaces


  • The paper number cards could rip if flipped too fast, or too firmly

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Most Durable — JOOLA Result 

Most Durable
JOOLA Result
  • Type: Manual
  • Dimensions: 16" L x 9" W x 7" H

Summary:  Great for weekend tournaments since the plastic numbers are hard to lose and can handle some rough usage. The board is compact to fit any scorer’s table and folds up neatly when you’re done. 

The Joola Result is a great, compact scoreboard for clubs and recreation centers that don’t want to replace damaged scoring numbers often. 

This can happen from overzealous players changing their scores or missing numbers while in transport. Either way, to solve this problem, more durable numbers are needed. 

This scoreboard is made from plastic that can withstand wear and tear. The number cards are made from this same material and hooked onto the bound plastic rings at the top.

This scoreboard is a compact size of 7 inches tall and 15 inches wide. This is an ideal size for smaller clubs with little space to play with. 

Though the number cards are built to be strong, they can be a bit fiddly to flip fast. You need to pull them out and guide them around the ring. 


  • Compact size is great for smaller clubs
  • Heavy-duty number cards 
  • Plastic construction helps extend the lifespan of this scoreboard
  • Keep track of games as well as score
  • Folds up to keep numbers secure 


  • Number cards can be fiddly to flip 
  • Tougher to see from across a big room

Best Value — Yiwoo Score Keeper 

Best Value
Yiwoo Score Keeper
  • Type: Manual
  • Dimensions: 14" L x 6.3" H

Summary:  An excellent scoreboard that everyone will see. Bright color contrast is easy to see, and large rings make keeping score a pleasure. 

The Yiwoo Score Keeper is a simple but versatile scoreboard. This is a great option for table tennis players who love to compete in other sports and stay on the go from ping pong to beach volleyball. 

At 14” x 6” inches, you can easily fit it into a backpack and take it to any court. It’s made from PVC plastics, meaning it’s weather-resistant and perfect for when you want to get outdoors and hit the tennis court. 

It’s easy to use because the numbers flip without hassle; the scorekeeper can keep their eyes on the game. The main downside is that the numbers don’t show correctly on the reverse side.

While it’s lightweight and weather-resistant, the PVC plastic is thin and not the best quality. As long as the scorekeeper is aware of this, there should be no issue with tearing. This is a better starting option for individual players, not super busy ping pong clubs.


  • Bright color contract also improves viewing
  • Lightweight and compact makes it portable
  • PVC weather-resistant plastic for outdoor use
  • Large metal rings for quick score changes  


  • Thin plastic; not the best quality 
  • Too small for ping pong clubs 
  • Numbers don’t show on both sides
  • Doesn’t have numbers to track games.

Most Versatile — JOOLA Pointer

Most Versatile
JOOLA Pointer
  • Type: Manual
  • Dimensions: 14″ L x 9″ W x 7.5″ H

Summary: From game to game or state to state, this scoreboard is ready to travel. It sits stable within its travel box that securely keeps all the black and white numbers safe. It even has ‘Time Out’ slots. 

The Joola Pointer is a mobile scoreboard sporting a bold, black and white color and made from high-quality plastics. 

The thing that sets this scoreboard apart from other mobile boards is the Joola Box doubling as its base. Move from table to table within the club while your scoreboard remains sturdy and ready to go. 

At 14 inches tall and 10 inches wide, this ping pong scoreboard doesn’t compromise its size for mobility; it’s just as big as some of the other scoreboards, but with the box, you can move this board quickly when it’s set up or when it’s put away. 

The number cards are made from a mix of cardboard and paper. They do tend to rip in the top corners after repeated use, so better to use the board with care while flipping. 


  • Box doubles as a secure base for the scoreboard
  • Black with white numbers for easy viewing 
  • Only 2lbs. And folds into a small, transportable package  
  • 14 inch height makes it bigger and better for clubs
  • Added ‘Time Out’ slots for a professional look and feel 


  • Number cards can tend to rip at the top

Best For Scoring — STIGA SensorScore 

Best For Scoring
STIGA SensorScore
  • Type: Electronic

Summary: No more arguments about the score with this automated scoring system. It attaches to any table and uses sensors to know when the ball is in play. It also announces the score regularly for all to hear.   

The STIGA SensorScore is a fully automated scoring system that is such a good idea you’ll wish you had thought of it, I know I do.  

It features a bright LED score display and uses nano-vibrations in the included net and table sensors. The scoring unit attaches to the net to track the score automatically, allowing you to focus on the game. 

It also announces the score as you go and when to change serves, a great tool for ping pong players just starting out and still learning the scoring system. 

You can also adjust the score manually if needed, which is a quick fix for any technical issues or playing adjustments that will happen with beginners.  

The SensorScore is great for at-home-players who want to make remembering the score easy and focus on other areas of the game. 


  • Fully automated scoring system 
  • Able to adjust the score manually if needed 
  • Bright LED score display 
  • Scoring unit announces the score as you go
  • Beginners can learn the proper way to score 


  • Net is stretched on full-sized tables, which can make it difficult to use
  • Complicated set-up for some 
  • Doesn’t always assign the point to the right person

Buyer’s Guide

Choosing The Right Size

When you think about the size of your ping pong scoreboard, you have to determine if you want something compact and mobile, or larger and stationary. 

For the compact scoreboards, these will be great for smaller clubs that have tighter playing spaces. There’s also the added benefit of easy storage and mobility because they’re so easily handled, assembled, and disassembled. 

It can be challenging to find full-sized scoreboards for bigger, tournament ping pong clubs. The smaller scoreboards just won’t cut it, as there are some apparent visibility issues for clubs with a lot of space and people who have to see from a distance. 

In the end, size really does matter. You should keep in mind how players and spectators might be able to see and keep up with the match score, depending on your spatial needs.


I consider durability to be how long your scoreboard will last with constant use from different players. After all, nobody likes replacing things you shouldn’t have to.  

The most common issue clubs face is numbers either ripping off or being lost. No scoreboard can guarantee prevention of this, but based on your usage; you can significantly reduce the chance of it happening if you have the right scoreboard. 

The scoreboards on this list are all made from high-quality plastics that will hold up under wear and tear. For high-volume clubs, look for scoreboards where the numbers are made from plastic, such as the JOOLA Result. This scoreboard has thick plastic numbers that will stay attached to the board for a long time.  

Most scoreboards used at clubs have a problem with the numbers pulling off, but a lot of it has to do with careless handling. A diligent scorekeeper will be able to take care of their scoreboard and get the most out of it.

Numbers And Sections

At the end of the day, this is the heart of a scoreboard. Whether you play casually, recreationally, or professionally, accurate scorekeeping is essential to keeping the game fair and will help you focus more. 

Clubs that play regulation and competitive ping-pong matches should ensure their scoreboards  have numbers 1 through 21 for game points, plus numbers up to 5 on a smaller counter for total games won. 

As mentioned previously, look for numbers reinforced with or made from plastic; otherwise, flip the numbers with care and caution. You definitely don’t want missing or damaged numbers.

Location And Usage

For some, you may be using the scoreboards propped up on a table, and for others, you may have them on your lap while sitting. 

If you’re using your scoreboard on your lap, you may want something a little more compact/mobile in size. I’ve found the bigger scoreboards are too uncomfortable and awkward to use when sitting. 

If you’re setting up your scoreboard on a table, you can use a bigger one. In either case, make sure your scoreboard has a flat bottom, box, or base in place, as it makes the board so much sturdier when in use.


Each of the best table tennis scoreboards has its own style. From classic and traditional to more high-tech and sleek, you can match your scoreboard with your clubs’ personality. 

The STIGA Scoreboard was my favorite because of its 19-inch size, sturdiness, and classic feel.

Whether your club is just starting out, been around for decades, or you just need one for your home table, these scoreboards will professionally keep track of your scores.

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