Where to Watch Table Tennis

Where to Watch Table Tennis Online

Table tennis played at a high level is just a sight to behold. What’s more, watching the best in the world is not only entertaining, but we can also learn about the best techniques and tactics.

In addition to this, table tennis has a great advantage compared to other sports: table tennis matches only last around 20-30 minutes.

If the times between points are edited out and only the best points are included, the videos we watch can last as little as 3 minutes. It is very easy to binge-watch table tennis and you can easily watch dozens of matches per day.

These are the best websites and channels to watch table tennis, both live and on demand.

8 Places to Watch On-Demand Table Tennis

First of all, I would like to start with on-demand channels, as it’s easiest to watch most matches this way.

I watch on-demand table tennis practically every day, as I don’t always have the chance to watch live table tennis due to timezones.

For this reason, I compiled a list of the 8 best YouTube channels that cover the vast majority of the best matches around the world.

1. World Table Tennis

If you like table tennis, you must be subscribed to this channel.

World Table Tennis is managed by the ITTF and they regularly upload every match from all the tournaments on the WTT circuit.

This channel has exclusive coverage of the most important tournaments on the international circuit, and they edit their videos to only include the highlights of the matches.

Whenever a WTT tournament is being played, it is a routine for me to take half an hour a day to watch all the matches that were played that day.

If R16 of a major event was played, we’ll have 8 men’s matches and 8 women’s matches to watch, plus doubles.

I will try at least to watch the highlights of the most important matches as the level of editing and the importance of these tournaments means that there are always good rallies.

The players are the best in the world and only the best points are shown. 

In addition, every day they upload a video featuring the best points of the day. If you don’t have enough time to watch all the matches, I highly recommend watching these videos.

Also, every time a tournament ends they upload a video of the best points of the tournament, which is even more entertaining to watch.

For example, these were the top 10 points of the 2021 World Table Tennis Championships. Enjoy!

2. Tischtennis Bundesliga

The second official table tennis channel that I really like and that I want to recommend to you is the channel of the German Bundesliga.

They routinely upload the highlights of all the matches of the most prestigious league in Europe, and they edit them in a very convenient way for us to watch.

The great peculiarity of this channel, in addition to the incredibly high level of the matches, is that they choose only the best matches and only show the highlights.

The matches on this channel are of the highest quality and don’t last long, so you can watch many in a row. We waste no time watching uninteresting points.

It is common on this channel to see matches featuring Timo Boll, Patrick Franziska, Dang Qiu, Darko Jorgic, and Quadri Aruna, among many other world-class athletes.

For me, this channel is irreplaceable, and it’s another one that I think all table tennis enthusiasts should follow.

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3. TT11TV

This is the quintessential European table tennis channel because it covers all the European competitions.

It covers the French, Swedish, Russian, and Polish leagues, among others, and also features the most important continental competitions, such as the ETTU Cup, the Champions League, and the Europe Top 16.

If there is an interesting match that took place in Europe, chances are that this channel will have it.

In addition, they also have some Chinese league matches.

4. TTStar Series

Another of my favorite channels is the TTStar Series channel.

This channel broadcasts organized tournaments that have great players that are not that well known. Most of these players hover around the 70-500 ITTF ranks.

The good thing is that they are team series and most of the players have very different styles. The best videos to watch are the tournament highlights. 

Lots of series are played between all the teams so tons of table tennis matches are played between high-level players with very different styles.

The result of all this is 10-15 minute videos loaded with jaw-dropping points.

5. Ma Long Fanmade Channel

This channel is a particular channel in the sense that it covers mostly Asian leagues, and it is the only channel with full coverage of the Chinese Super League.

The Chinese Super League is the highest-level league in the world. This league features Ma Long, Fan Zhendong, and Xu Xin, among many other top-level Chinese players.

This channel is just perfect if you like Chinese table tennis.

6. ttlondon2012

On this channel, you can watch many different matches types of matches. It has similar coverage to TT11TV in that they cover the most important matches and the European Cups.

One thing I like about this channel is that they regularly upload throwback games.

They regularly upload amazing matches from previous years that we might have missed at the time.

7. InfoTT

This channel is dedicated solely to French leagues and players. It covers pretty much everything you can think of regarding French table tennis.

It is a very interesting channel since it covers from the first to the sixth French division. In all of these divisions, you can find tons of interesting players and matches.

If you want to follow French table tennis or want to watch different players than those we are used to, I recommend that you follow the channel.

8. ttCountenance/janus770

Finally, I decided to include these two legendary channels, janus770, and ttCountenance.

Unfortunately, neither of them is still uploading videos, but these channels have all of the legendary matches from the past.

These channels were the most popular years ago because they uploaded the most important matches.

Entering these channels is like opening a trunk full of memories. If you sort by the oldest date of upload, you will find incredible matches.

If we open the janus770 channel and do what I just told you, this is the result:

A picture of the janus770 Video Uploads

A Wang Hao match against an up-and-coming 22-year-old Ma Long, followed by a match of Timo Boll in his prime against superstar Zhang Jike, Xu Xin against Timo, and Xu Xin against Ma Long.

Each game is better than the last, and I recommend both channels if you want to see the best matches from times past.

3 Places to Watch Live Table Tennis

Having discussed the best channels to watch on-demand table tennis, let’s take a look at the best places to watch live table tennis.

For me, watching table tennis live is an absolute privilege and we have to take advantage of it whenever we have the chance.

The following channels broadcast live table tennis regularly.

1. World Table Tennis

The best channel to watch live table tennis is World Table Tennis.

All of the games that are uploaded on-demand were once broadcast live.

If you subscribe to their channel and stay tuned whenever a major tournament is taking place, there are usually multiple streams that feature many of the tables.

It is the perfect channel to watch all the most important competitions live.

2. Challenger Series

The second best channel to watch live table tennis is the Challenger Series channel.

A great advantage of this channel is that they upload new content practically all the time. 

The Challenger Series is played very frequently and because of this, it makes it a lot more likely for us to be able to watch live table tennis. 

It is the best option if you want to watch high-quality live table tennis as often as possible.

A great advantage of this channel is that they tell you when they’re going live days in advance. You can click on “notify me” and YouTube will send you a notification when these streams go live.

A picture of the Challenger Series Live Schedule


The third channel that I want to recommend to you is ETTU TV.

This channel covers a large number of European table tennis competitions with high-quality broadcasts.

They don’t stream as often as World Table Tennis or the Challenger Series but it’s still worth looking out for when there’s a live stream because of the high level of the tournaments they cover.

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