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The Top 14 Trusted Table Tennis Brands

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I’ve been playing Table Tennis for over 15 years and coached hundreds of people, so I’ve seen and bought a fair amount of equipment. From tables to rubbers, barriers to shirts, there are a few table tennis brands that can be trusted to deliver a quality product.

As you might expect, most of the trusted brands stem from traditionally strong table tennis countries like Japan, Korea, China and Sweden. Most have been around for 50+ years and have a strong reputation in the Table Tennis community.

This is my guide to the 14 best table tennis brands, which hopefully gives you a useful guide when shopping for new equipment.

The 14 Best Table Tennis Brands – Explored

1) Butterfly

As one of the most recognizable names in table tennis, Butterfly is a leader in quality products. They are ambassadors of the game and are responsible for growing it more and more each year. 

Butterfly has a huge selection of paddles, tables, nets, and plenty of other accessories that will be interesting for any player. Their product lines are extensive and crafted with great attention to detail. 

Due to their quality and expertise, they have been selected to provide equipment for the Asian Championships, European Championships, World Championships, ITTF Pro Tour Finals, and many other international tournaments.  

Butterfly also supplies equipment for the US Nationals and US Open table tennis tournaments. 

They sponsor top players and coaches in different countries such as the USA, Korea, Canada, Germany, Japan, Poland, and many more. Butterfly is not only a corporation that supplies table tennis players with equipment and clothes, but also sponsors tournaments, open camps for training, and has clubs located across the Americas. 

Tokyo, Japan

December 19, 1950


A top name in table tennis as well, JOOLA has been making quality ping pong products for over half a century.

They made a name for themselves in the ’50s and ’60s for being the first to make quality tables. After the success of their tables, they were able to branch out and started manufacturing blades, rubbers and balls. 

Today, they still have the reputation of building the highest quality tables not only for professional events but also for recreational play. Having one of these tables in your basement is a sure sign that you are dedicated to the game. 

They have been the official table at the Olympics three times in a row (1996, 2000, 2004). This kind of loyalty doesn’t come easily and shows how much respect this company has in the table tennis community. 

Although originally a German company, JOOLA was taken over by US giant Sport Squad at the end of 2018. They remain at the top of their game and if you want a great quality table, get yourself a JOOLA. 

Siebeldingen, Germany


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3) Double Happiness

Known as the top Chinese table tennis company, Double Happiness is a renowned brand globally. Those starting their ping pong careers in China will almost certainly start with a DHS brand paddle. 

They are primarily known for their extensive blade selection. They carry paddles for every level of player from beginner to touring professional. The research and development they have devoted to blades are unmatched. 

They also offer rubbers, balls, tables, and a small selection of accessories. 

They sponsor a plethora of Chinese professional players who tour the world playing in the biggest table tennis tournaments. 

The best part about DHS is that the majority of its products are very affordable. They want to bring the game to a wide range of people, especially in China where accessibility to the whole population is important to their dominance of table tennis. 



4) Stiga

As a full-service table tennis company, Stiga offers a massive range of products for all levels of players though primarily focused on beginners and intermediate players. 

You can get everything and anything to do with ping pong through Stiga. They have become a household name in the industry, and that is primarily due to their competitive pricing. This is an excellent company for newcomers who just want to test the waters and don’t want to spend their life savings on equipment just yet. 

Founded in Sweden in 1938, Stiga were making basic products to grow the game locally. By 1944 they evolved into a full-fledged company and were one of the first to mass-produce table tennis equipment. 

Their equipment can be found all over the world, and their balls are some of the most popular anywhere. If you play in rec centers or clubs, then you probably played with a Stiga ball. 

They’re a super innovative company, recently launching the Cybershape – a new shape of racket with a polygonal shape. Whilst these innovations may not always stick, it’s important to have companies pushing boundaries in our sport.

Since its inception, Stiga has expanded to other sports and gaming products such as tabletop soccer, scooters, and more. Backed by their impressive reputation these new products are being well-received. 

Eskilstuna, Sweden


5) Tibhar

For those looking for a higher-quality table tennis product, then Tibhar is here to satisfy your needs. They are known for upscale offerings that are made with a keen eye towards performance and style. 

Aimed at intermediate and serious table tennis players, Tibhar is trusted by many touring professionals worldwide. Their name is synonymous with luxury, and there is no mistaking a Tibhar paddle when you have one in your hands. 

Tibor Harangozo, a successful table tennis player and coach in his own right, started a small table tennis course back in 1959. This was intended to introduce new players to the game and show them how much fun it actually is. 

By 1969, Harangozo officially started his company and named it Tibhar. Cleverly joining the first three letters of his first and last name. 

Since his passing in 1978, the company has kept his name and legacy alive. Their quality has not wavered, and they are still gaining popularity and respect from all corners of the table tennis universe. 

Saarbrucken, Germany


6) Killerspin

Table Tennis is an international sport. There are companies all over the world vying for you to spend your hard-earned money on their products. Not to be forgotten, the US has one of the world’s leaders in ping pong merchandise. 

This is the US’s top manufacturer and by far their most recognizable name on a global stage. It’s a young, funky brand with some incredibly stylish products.

They offer paddles, balls, tables, and other accessories. They are a one-stop shop for players who need anything to do with table tennis. Their range includes our favourite beginner paddle, the JET400.

Killer Spin has even partnered with ESPN to get on TV and start showing ping pong to every American home from coast to coast. They hope to be the ambassadors of the game stateside and help players to compete on an international level. 

Chicago, USA



The beginnings of this initially small South Korean company started back in 1976. Their focus was on making table tennis tables exclusively for the Korean market. It didn’t take long for them to grow exponentially from there.

The company grew and went on to sponsor the 1988 Olympic Games in Seoul and 1986, 2002, and 2014 Asian Games. They have been selling a full range of table tennis products for the worldwide market since changing its name to Xiom in 2007. 

Xiom’s rubber range includes their flagship Omega VII series and the classic Vega, Omega IV, and Omega V families. All of these rubbers use Xiom’s signature “Carbo Black Sponge.” 

Xiom is also known for its eye-catching clothing and shoes, which often come in very vibrant colors. Consistent with its youthful style, Xiom sponsors many exciting players, including the “Thrill from Brazil ” Hugo Calderano. He is the first player from Latin America to break into the Top 10 ITTF World Rankings. 

Interestingly enough, the name “Xiom ” refers to the term “axiom,” which means “a self-evident truth that requires no further proof.”

Seoul, South Korea


8) 729

729 is the earliest company in China to develop rubber for table tennis paddles on a mass scale.

In 1972, China’s first viscous rubber was developed with the perfect combination of elasticity and friction. They called this the Friendship 729. 

Since then, 729 has continued to evolve on a global scale, and their products are improving as a result of their success. 

Due to this success with their outstanding rubbers, 729 has helped many national players achieve glory in the ranks of professional table tennis. Stars such as Deng Yaping, Wang Nan, Liu Guoliang, etc.

These days, 729 has chosen to step out of the spotlight a bit and refocus themselves. They have shifted the company’s focus to the lower end of the market. The price of the equipment offered by the company is now much more affordable and easily accessible. 

The performance is enough to meet the needs of junior table tennis enthusiasts and rookies alike. Introducing the game to the next generation is now their focus, and we are thankful that someone has taken up this cause.  



9) Cornilleau

Started way back in 1946 by Emile Cornilleau, this company has become known for its exceptional table tennis tables. 

As a young man in France, Cornilleau opened a small joinery to make and sell his hand-crafted cabinets and furniture. In 1969 he received an order from a Parisian company for 300 table tennis tables. 

From this point on, he was known as a leader in table construction, and to this day, the company retains that reputation. Now they make over 3 million tables per year and have expanded into other areas of the sport as well. They offer paddles, balls, and rubbers, among other things, and have even started to take over the billiards world. They are applying their intellectual property to pool tables as well. 

Cornilleau has also given back to the game by sponsoring several competitions over the past 30 years. Events such as the Spanish, French, and Italian Open have all benefited from Cornilleau’s generosity. 

They continue to thrive and look forward to the future of international table tennis. 

Esquennoy, France


10) Donic

Donic is a German company that has earned its stripes when it comes to constructing a quality table. Within ten years of its inception, they provided compact roller tables for the 1987 World Championships in New Delhi. 

Since then, they haven’t let up and continue to provide the world with unique tables that the elite players rave about. You can find their handy work at many major international events, including the 2006 World Team Table Tennis Championships, the majority of European Championships in the past ten years, and all of the Men’s World Cups since 2011.

They are also dedicated to helping players reach their goals of becoming a successful professional player. They have provided tables for the three Swedish heavyweights; former world #1 Jan-Ove Waldner (1992 Olympic champion, 1989 and 1997 World champion, 1990 World cup winner), Jörgen Persson (1991 World champion, 1991 World cup winner), and Mikael Appelgren (1983 World Cup winner, 3-times European Champion).

Many future stars have also benefited from Donic, including Yan An (4-time ITTF world tour event winner), Margaryta Pesotska (2018 European championships silver medalist), Jakub Dyjas (2016 European championships bronze medalist), Joao Geraldo (2014 European Team champion), and Sam Walker (2016 World Team championships bronze medalist). 

Did you know that DONIC sponsors rivalling sides Gazprom Orenburg and AS Pontoise-Cergy, who have won seven of eight European Champions League seasons since 2011? Their products speak for themselves. 

Völklingen, Germany


11) Yasaka

Yasaka has produced high-quality products for ping pong players of all levels since they first started in 1947. Their first breakthrough came in 1969 when they introduced the Mark V rubber. This became one of the best and most well-known rubbers on the planet. 

Since then, they have improved upon this miraculous success by creating their flagship series, Rakza. The Rakza 7 has a top-sheet that is mainly made using natural rubber gum, offering distinctive touch, feel, and durability.

Yasaka’s high-end rubber is excellent. They are flexible, fast, and tacky. They are the best rubber choices for many table tennis professional players to be used as their backhand rubber.

Yasaka is also known for its blades. These have been produced in Tranås, Sweden, since 1992. Their blade line includes classics such as the Ma Lin line (Carbon, Extra Offensive, Soft Carbon, Extra Special), the incredibly popular Sweden Extra and Extra Offensive 7 Power, as well as the recently released Falck line (W7 and Carbon).

Did you know that Yasaka is named after its founders, Mr. Hirosi YAoita and Mr. SAKAmoto?

Tokyo, Japan


12) Nittaku

Nittaku is one of the most trustworthy high-end table tennis brands there is. Purchasing equipment from Nittaku is highly advisable because their products are consistently top-notch.

Nittaku produces all kinds of high-quality table tennis equipment except for tables, and they’re class-leading in most categories.

What first comes to mind when I think about Nittaku is their blades. Nittaku produces their blades in Japan with a level of attention to detail that can’t be found in most other brands. Lots of their blades are actually hand-made.

For example, Nittaku produces the Acoustic and the Violin range. These blades are crafted with a special wood lamination technology used in stringed instruments, hence their names. The Acoustic was used by none other than the greatest table tennis player of all time, Ma Long.

Other than that, Nittaku balls are known to be one of the, if not the best quality out there. They are by far our favorite, that’s for sure.

Added to all this, Nittaku also produces some of the best rubbers out there. Their trademark is the Fastarc line. 

Among them, the Fastarc G-1 is the most popular, and for good reason. The Fastarc G-1 has been the best-selling rubber at Tabletennis11.com for nearly four years now because of its excellent performance levels and its durability. Check out our Fastarc G-1 review.

Tokyo, Japan


13) Andro

Andro is a young, modern brand based in Germany that’s always trying to innovate and pursue technological breakthroughs to edge its competitors in terms of performance. 

We could say that Andro is a high-end brand because of its price points and the quality of its products. It’s an excellent brand for intermediate and advanced players who want great products and are willing to pay for them. 

Andro produces tons of high-quality products, ranging from table tennis balls to tables and everywhere in between.

However, I’d say that Andro’s specialties are 3: blades, clothing items, and rubbers.

In terms of blades, Andro has tons of tried and tested models, such as the Treiber line, the Kanter line, and the Novacell line. All of these offerings are excellent and they are to be considered by anyone looking for their next blade.

In terms of clothing items, Andro is by far one of my favorite brands because of its high quality, its modern looks, and its colors. 

Finally, Andro produces many popular rubbers, their Rasanter and their Hexer line being the most popular. 

The Rasanter line is a series of modern offensive rubbers with thick sponges crafted for demanding offensive players, and the rubbers in this line are some of the most popular in the market.

Dortmund, Germany


14) Victas

The Victas name was launched in 2011, so you would be forgiven for thinking that they’re one of the newest table tennis companies in the market. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth, as Victas is a part of Yamato Takkyu Co. which was established in 1932.

Victas was once intended to be the premium brand of TSP, but it has now integrated TSP’s products. Victas is the official name that both brands will carry from now on (the original Victas, founded in 2011, and TSP).

Victas produces tons of high-quality products, and it is one of the most popular Japanese brands. As of writing this article, Victas is the current sponsor of the Japanese National Team.

Their specialties are two: blades and rubbers.

Starting with the blades, Victas produces lots of high-quality products, and their quality of craftsmanship is second to none. Their most popular blades are the Victas Koki Niwa and the Victas Koji Matsushita, two excellent offensive and defensive blades, respectively.

As for the rubbers, Victas produces excellent high-end offensive tensor rubbers (the Victas V line). 

In addition, Victas has a reputation for their excellent pimpled rubbers, such as the Spectol line and the legendary Curl line, used by most high-level defensive players such as Joo Se Hyuk and Victas’ president himself, Koji Matsushita.

Tokyo, Japan


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