Table Tennis Jokes and Puns

Best Table Tennis Jokes & Puns

Table Tennis (or Ping Pong) is a sport full of fun, laughs and friendships. Over the years, I’ve played countless hours with people making up jokes and laughing about how we’re playing.

Unfortunately, I can’t easily share jokes about how many easy smashes I’ve missed. Instead, I can provide a curated list of the funniest Table Tennis jokes & puns.

A lot of jokes you’ll find online are lazy stereotypes about the Chinese, which I have swerved in this list. Mainly because they’re not funny!

My kids are asking for a Table Tennis table for Christmas this year, but I’m still undecided as it’s not an easy decision.

I keep bouncing back and forth.

Ping Pong Puns

What do you call a girl standing in the middle of a table tennis table?



What do you call a Jedi playing Ping Pong?

The paddlewan.


My Ping Pong opponent wasn’t happy with how I was serving. He kept returning it.


What’s a horse’s favourite sport?

Stable Tennis.


What do a dentist and a table tennis coach have in common?

They both use drills.


Why are fish not good at Table Tennis?

They don’t like getting close to the net.


Know any good Table Tennis Jokes or Puns? Let us know in the comments below!

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