All-rounders can change their style depending on the situation.


These players return the ball consistently in different ways.


All-rounders know how to play every shot in the book.

Tactical knowledgecounterplay

All-rounders know how to play against every style.



No speciality

They aren’t very good at attacking nor defending.

Shot quality

Their offensive shots don’t have that much power.

Ambivalent style

They don’t impose a style, they adapt to their opponents.

Weak against attackers

It’s hard for all-rounders to beat offensive players.


Famous Players


The Frenchman is always a tough opponent. If he isn’t attacking, he’s usually sky lobbing, chopping, or blocking to win points.


The Belarusian legend is a player known by his superb blocks, spinny loops, and consistent lobs when on the defensive.

Vladimir Samsonov


Jun’s comfort zone is mid distance rallies, where he’ll play amazing combinations of sky lobs and powerful loops.


Adriana is always on the highlight reels. She has an endless repertoire of shots, having performed chop blocks, 360 blocks and backspin lobs.

Adriana Diaz


Beginner Rackets

Killerspin JET400

The best choice for players looking for control, spin and consistency.

Palio Legend 3.0

A fast, hard racket with enough control for pushes and the occasional chop.


Top Training Exercises

Chop and loop

This exercise is perfect for all-rounders since it works their hand feeling, spin manipulation, chopping, and looping.

The All-Rounder will chop the first ball, their partner will push it back, and the all-round player will open up. After that, the partner will block that ball and the all-rounder will chop it, and so on. 

Attack or defense

For this exercise, the All-Rounder will serve any spin and any depth they want. Their opponent can either attack the serve or push it.

If the opponent pushes it, then the All-Rounder has to open up and take the initiative. If the opponent attacks it, then the All-Rounder has to withstand the attack and do anything in their power to win the point.


Recommended Blades


Stiga Allround Classic

The most sold blade of all time because of its unparalleled feel for the ball.

Yasaka Sweden Extra

A balanced Swedish blade with enough speed and spin for high quality attacks.

Donic Appelgren Allplay

A versatile, flexible blade with superb control and easy spin generation.


Recommended Rubbers

Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

Yasaka Rakza 7 Soft

A high-throwing, soft rubber that’s ideal for playing spinny shots.

Yasaka Mark V

Yasaka Mark V

The ultimate looping rubber, with rapid speed and clicky for topspin play.

Xiom Vega Europe

Xiom Vega Europe

A soft rubber with great feel and amazing control for blocking and topspins.

Donic Baracuda

Donic Baracuda

A fast, high throwing, spinny rubber, ideal for topspin shots.

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Coaching Tips


Analyze your opponent’s tempo

When you play a match, the first thing you need to do is assess whether your opponent wants to attack you, and if so, whether you can withstand their attacks. If your opponent won’t attack you, or if you can’t withstand their attacks, you will probably have to attack them to win the match.

Practice tricky serves

Unlike most other styles, the All-Rounder feels comfortable in virtually any situation. This is why they can practice long, fast serves, deceptive topspin serves, ace serves, you name it. By doing this, you can make your opponent feel uncomfortable on the receive and also get them in the open rally. 


Vary your tactics

The main strength of the All-Rounder is that they can play as an attacker and a defender, depending on the situation. If you vary your tactics in a way that you’re always changing what you’re doing, your opponent won’t be able to adapt to your tactical changes.


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