The Aggressor






Shot quality

These players hit with unparalleled speed and spin.


Aggressors take the game to their opponents every single point.

Point generation

They can generate points easily because of their sheer power.

Little counterplay

When Aggressors get in the flow, it’s difficult to stop them.



One dimensional

If their attacks aren’t going in, they lose easily.

Risky playstyle

Aggressors are prone to having many unforced mistakes per game.

Lack of defence

If they are attacked first, they lack defensive shots.

Inconsistent style

Aggressors often lose against weaker players on bad days.


Famous Players


Known as The Dragon, the greatest player of all time. He achieved such status by having the most powerful forehand on the circuit.

Ma Long


The 2022 European Champion is capable of hitting outright winners with his mighty backhand loop against the best players in the world. 


The Nigerian legend is known for his powerful forehand 3rd ball attacks and relentless backhand punches.

Quadri Aruna


The 2021 World Champion is a young, hard hitting Chinese superstar who will tirelessly attack every single ball.

Sun Yingsha


Beginner Rackets

Killerspin JET400

A lightweight, high-quality racket, with a speed and control perfectly balanced.

Palio Legend 3.0

A fast, hard, spinny racket for uncompromising offensive players. 


Top Training Exercises

Falkenberg drill

Falkenberg drill

It consists of hitting one backhand, then stepping around and hitting a forehand on the backhand corner, and then hitting a wide forehand.

It is a great exercise to work on movement and coordination, all while attacking your opponent.

¾ of the table forehand with open-up

For this exercise, the Aggressor will serve backspin and their partner will push long anywhere on the table. 

The Aggressor then must open up and their partner will block anywhere on the table except the backhand corner. The Aggressor must hit everything with their forehand.

This is a great irregular exercise for opening up and following the open up with more forehand attacks.


Recommended Blades

Butterfly Viscaria

Butterfly Viscaria

Ideal for spin-based, powerful styles. Used by world no. 1 Fan Zhendong.

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

Butterfly Timo Boll ALC

A fast yet balanced blade with a huge sweet spot. Blade of choice of Timo Boll.

Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

A classic offensive with great feeling. The best for the developing attacker. 


Recommended Rubbers

Butterfly Dignics 09c

Butterfly Dignics 09c

A fast hybrid rubber with immense spin potential. The best for power loopers.

Butterfly Tenergy 05

The ultimate looping rubber, with rapid speed and clicky for topspin play.

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

Tibhar Evolution MX-P

The fastest rubber, designed to hit shots past your opponent effortlessly.

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO

DHS Hurricane 3 NEO

Offensive rubber, ideal for 3º ball attacks and counter topspins.

Our recommendations not right for you? Try our partner’s quiz at blade-rubber.


Coaching Tips


Analyze your shots

As Aggressors are ultra offensive, they often take low-percentage shots. It is a good idea to analyze what bad shots you are taking to stop making as many mistakes.

Practice your serves often

Aggressors love to perform 3rd ball attacks. To enable their prodigious shots, they must have high-quality serves. This is why aggressors need to practice their serves consistently.


Think about tactics

Aggressors are often the players with the least tactical knowledge. They rise up the ranks due to their amazing shots but then plateau because they have little tactical knowledge and their opponents start exploiting their weaknesses. To avoid this, think about what you could improve on a regular basis.


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