Best 9 Table Tennis YouTube Channels You Should Be Subscribed To

YouTube is the biggest online video platform, boasting over 1 billion hours of video playback per day.

A small portion of those playback hours are dedicated to table tennis videos. It’s an absolute privilege to be able to watch all of the high-quality content there is on YouTube for free.

You can find the most legendary matches, funny videos, trick shots, videos of coaches teaching all sorts of different techniques, and even professional players giving away their secrets.

You can definitely improve at table tennis and have fun at the same time by watching YouTube videos, especially if you’re a developing player. Next, we’ll explore the best YouTube channels you should subscribe to.

1. TableTennisDaily


Initially founded by Dan Ives and Tom Maynard, TableTennisDaily is our favorite table tennis-related YouTube channel. 

TableTennisDaily produces superb content. They have partnered with professional players on several occasions to shoot equipment reviews of their rackets. 

For example, TableTennisDaily partnered with Timo Boll to review the Boll ALC, they partnered with Truls Moregardh to review the Stiga Cybershape, and with Patrick Franziska to review the Dignics 09c. 

These reviews allow us to gain insights into what professional players think about their rackets, and the reasons behind their choices. They even give valuable technical and tactical tips while playing which is really nice.

TableTennisDaily produces all kinds of content. Added to their equipment reviews, they also create great technical and tactical videos. On many occasions, Dan was coached by the best players and coaches out there, such as Jorg Rosskopf and Patrick Franziska. 

Without TTD, we wouldn’t be able to know some of the key ideas the best professional players have about the sport.

Added to all this, TableTennisDaily created a regional table tennis league, the Table Tennis Daily Super League. 

The TTD team shoots very entertaining vlogs showing their league matches. It is, without a doubt, my favorite series on YouTube. It makes you feel like you’re a part of the team. If you’ve never played league matches before, you should definitely give it a try.

TableTennisDaily doesn’t upload videos too frequently, but it’s understandable due to the quality of their videos and the amount of work behind them. 

They usually upload a video every month or so, with their uploads being more frequent when they’re taking part in the Table Tennis Daily Super League. 

Whenever they upload a video, it’s usually a collaboration with a top professional player, a league match, or a very insightful technical video, so they’re 100% worth the wait.

Who the TableTennisDaily Channel is for: TableTennisDaily does a wonderful job at creating table tennis videos that are interesting for anyone that likes table tennis. Garage players and advanced players alike can find TTD’s videos interesting. However, some videos, like equipment reviews, may not be as pertinent to casual players and beginners, because they don’t need to know all the nuances there are to a specific composite blade or the newest tensor rubber.

You can visit TableTennisDaily’s channel by clicking here.

2. WTT

WTT is the official channel of World Table Tennis, the events company of the International Table Tennis Federation. 

In short, you will be able to find all of the matches pertaining to ITTF competitions on this channel. If you want to stay up to date with all of the most important competitions, this is the channel to watch. 

In addition, the WTT channel live streams all of the matches of the most important competitions. It’s a good idea to check the WTT website whenever an important tournament is about to begin so that you know the hours at which matches will be played. 

I’m a huge Ma Long fan, so I always make sure to check at what time he’ll be playing so that I can watch him live on the WTT channel.

Some hours after the matches come to an end, the WTT channel uploads all of the highlights, so even if you missed the live stream, you’ll be able to watch the best points of all the matches after they’re done.

A pretty cool feature about this channel is that, after every competition day, they upload a video showcasing the best points of the day. Even if you didn’t have time to watch all the matches, you can watch the “best points” video and you won’t miss out on much.

Their upload schedule revolves around competitions. Whenever a competition is being played, you can expect 10+ videos to be uploaded every day.

Who the WTT Channel is for: This channel is ideal for table tennis enthusiasts who enjoy watching top-tier table tennis, be it live or on demand.

You can visit the WTT channel by clicking here.

3. PechPong TT

Seth Pech

PechPongTT is Seth Pech’s personal channel. It is by far our favorite informational table tennis channel.

Seth Pech is an American semi-professional table tennis player. As of writing this article, Seth is playing competitive table tennis leagues in Sweden. 

He has an extensive career, having been a part of the selection process of the USA national team several times, and having played in important leagues and tournaments both locally and abroad.

The great thing about Seth’s channel is that he shares absolutely everything he knows about the sport. He received advice from the best players and coaches out there and he’s also a very smart player himself, so there’s a lot to learn from Seth’s videos.

The content Seth produces generally falls under two categories. He will either produce an in-depth video going over a specific aspect of table tennis (it can be tactical, technical, or mental), or he will commentate one of his matches.

His informational videos are probably the best on YouTube. I have learned countless things from watching Seth’s tutorials myself, as he knows lots of details that most coaches won’t teach you. 

His commentaries over his matches are equally as valuable, as he goes over the tactical decisions he makes and you can extrapolate them to your own game. Basically, you get to listen to the thoughts of an extremely high-level, intelligent player.

Who the PechPong TT Channel is for: Seth Pech’s channel is ideal for players who want to improve at table tennis and those who want to learn more about the sport. It is oriented toward players who want to take the sport seriously and improve in any way they can.

You can visit the PechPong TT channel by clicking here.

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4. Pongfinity 


Pongfinity needs no introduction. It is by far the biggest table tennis YouTube channel out there.

Founded by Emil, Miikka, and Otto, this channel is all about showing how fun table tennis can be. Their videos usually revolve around pulling off amazing trick shots and performing tough challenges.

Emil, Miikka, and Otto are elite players. The three of them were a part of the Finnish national team, and they are still playing high-level tournaments to this day. Because of their abilities, they can pull off some jaw-dropping shots.

They upload videos around twice per month and they usually get millions of views. 

Something quite funny that happens to me is that, whenever I mention that I play table tennis, lots of people will tell me that they watch this channel. Many people I know that don’t play table tennis watch Pongfinity’s videos because of how entertaining they are.

Pongfinity is one of my favorite channels on YouTube, not only because of how fascinating their videos are, but also because of the role they play in promoting table tennis. 

By showing how much fun they have while playing, they inspire lots of new players to pick up the sport, and that’s something that can’t be overlooked. 

Who the Pongfinity Channel is for: I think that anyone can watch a Pongfinity video and have fun. Even if you aren’t particularly interested in table tennis, if you watch some of the shots that they pull off, you will be impressed. If you are a table tennis player, then you’ll understand how hard it is to execute such advanced techniques, and you’ll appreciate their skills even more.

You can visit the Pongfinity channel by clicking here.

5. PingSkills


PingSkills is the go-to channel for beginners wanting to learn how to improve at table tennis. 

It was created by Jeff Plumb and Alois Rosario, two renowned coaches and former professional players. Jeff represented Australia in the Sydney 2000 Olympic games and Alois played at multiple World Championships.

However, their aim is to teach in a more pragmatic way. Unlike Seth Pech, for example, their explanations are quite straightforward, hence the slogan: “Table Tennis Made Simple”.

Jeff and Alois cover most table tennis-related topics with great detail. They created an excellent resource for players who want to improve at table tennis and may not have a coach.

They mostly produce videos in which they cover a technical aspect of the sport. If you search for any table tennis technique on their channel, chances are that you’ll find a high-quality, detailed video going over it. 

As of writing this article, PingSkills are now releasing one video per month, approximately. However, they have been publishing videos consistently for over 15 years now, so most of the popular technical-related table tennis topics have already been explained by them.

Who the PingSkills Channel is for: The PingSkills channel is ideal for players who want to improve their table tennis abilities. Jeff and Alois’ explanations are accurate and easy to understand, so there’s a lot to learn by watching their videos. PingSkills is ideal for beginners and intermediate-level players, but advanced players can also learn a thing or two from some of the more specific videos.

You can visit the PingSkills channel by clicking here.

6. Ti Long

Ti Long

Ti Long is one of the most knowledgeable table tennis coaches in Vietnam, and he created a YouTube channel to share his secrets with passionate players around the world. All of Ti Long’s videos have accurate English subtitles.

What I like most about Ti Long’s channel is how in-depth he goes when explaining each and every concept. 

He doesn’t just want players to perform the correct techniques, he wants them to understand the reasoning behind them. To help his students understand how to play their shots, Ti Long will often give tips that are derived from martial arts or other disciplines.

Another thing I like about Ti Long is that he shares more of the Eastern views of the sport. Asian table tennis coaches have different views and philosophies about the sport, and we can definitely learn from them.

There is a lot to learn about from watching Ti Long’s videos, as he explains table tennis concepts in a more fundamental and philosophical way. 

Ti Long’s upload schedule is great, as he publishes videos 1-2x per week. Most of his videos will be fragments from lessons he has with his students or videos of him demonstrating a given technique.

Who Ti Long’s channel is for: The Ti Long channel is for players who want to improve their table tennis skills. I really like Ti Long’s channel and I was able to learn several techniques and incorporate ideas about the sport that no one had spoken about before. I would say that Ti Long’s channel is ideal for those who want to hear different views on table tennis techniques. 

You can visit the Ti Long channel by clicking here.

7. Adam Bobrow

Adam Bobrow

Adam Bobrow is a table tennis player, influencer, YouTuber, and the main ITTF commentator. If you watch table tennis matches regularly, chances are that the one commenting on the matches is Adam. 

It turns out that Adam is not only a great commentator but also a very entertaining table tennis player. His playstyle revolves around lobbing and hitting spectacular shots, his trademark being his snake shots under the table.

Adam’s content is mostly for entertainment purposes. His videos are fun and comedic above everything. Like Pongfinity, Adam’s channel is all about sharing how much fun you can have playing table tennis.

Most of Adam’s videos are about him interacting with the community and doing challenges. He often plays against professional players using handicap, but he also isn’t afraid to go out into the streets and challenge casual players to a game of ping pong.

Adam publishes a video roughly every 2 weeks – 1 month, which is to be expected given the amount of work behind his content. If you’ve never seen anyone play like Adam, you’re in for a treat.

Who Adam Bobrow’s channel is for: Adam’s channel is for people who want to watch entertaining, fun videos about table tennis. 

You can visit Adam’s channel by clicking here.

8. Tom Lodziak

Tom Lodziak

Tom Lodziak is yet another renowned coach on YouTube.

Tom is an English coach who produces high-quality content, mostly aimed at beginners and intermediate-level players. He is an excellent coach who focuses on teaching table techniques in a clear way. He is very simple to understand and he covers most table tennis techniques.

He also frequently partners with other coaches such as Craig Bryant and Ferenc Horvath.

In addition, he also made videos in collaboration with top table tennis players such as Liam Pitchford and Paul Drinkhall. These videos are of superb quality as we can get tips from the most knowledgeable coaches and players in the world.

Tom publishes roughly 1 video per week, so the channel is definitely worth it if you’re an amateur player looking to improve.

Who Tom Lodziak’s channel is for: Tom’s channel is ideal for beginner and intermediate-level players who want to gain a deeper understanding of table tennis techniques and tactics.

You can visit the Tom Lodziak homepage by clicking here.

9. Timo Boll

A picture of Timo Boll playing Table Tennis

To have Timo Boll on this list is an absolute privilege. 

Timo is one of the legends of the sport and the best German player of all time. He has been in the top spots of the ITTF rankings for over two decades, and he’s beaten the top Chinese players many times (including Ma Long, the greatest of all time).

Suffice it to say, Timo knows nearly everything to do with table tennis. He created a YouTube channel in 2017 and he’s produced some incredible videos. 

Timo’s content is quite varied. He’ll sometimes review equipment from Butterfly, he’ll analyze a professional match, and others he’ll shoot vlogs of his training and playing tournaments.

The best thing about Timo’s channel is, in my opinion, when he explains the ins and outs of a certain technique. He even explained how to pull off his legendary hand switch shot!

There is definitely a lot to learn from a player like Timo Boll. You can bet that you’ll find lots of entertainment in his videos, and he always makes sure to include a tactical/technical tip in every one of them.

Who Timo Boll’s channel is for: Timo’s channel is a great watch for anyone interested in table tennis, especially those who want to have an insight into the life of a professional player. It’s also a suitable channel for players who want to learn techniques and tactics.

You can visit Timo’s channel by clicking here.

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