Best Black Friday Deals in 2023 for Table Tennis Equipment

Black Friday is the best time of the year to purchase table tennis equipment.

Virtually all of the most popular table tennis stores lower their prices by up to 50% and compete against each other in what is the ideal time to purchase a new blade, racket, or even a new table.

Black Friday offers excellent deals for anything table tennis related. As for me, I’ve been waiting for this Black Friday to get a set of new rubbers, some of which are at unbelievable price points. Let’s begin!

Our Top Table Tennis Black Friday Deal 2023

I want to get the major problem with this amazing deal out of the way – it’s only available in the United States. It’s not easy to ship a table internationally, so this deal is best if you can rent a van and get it to a Dick’s Sporting Goods store.

It’s the Stiga Onyx Table

This is an incredible tournament-grade table (25mm surface) for a bargain price of just $499.98 USD in Black Friday sales. To purchase similar quality tables, you’re often looking at prices over $1k.

What sets this table apart from others is the aesthetic. A black finish, with no white lines around the edge. Just a single gold stripe down the middle so you can play doubles. It’s the perfect design for any games room.

If you’re looking at this deal, be aware that this is a super heavy table. That’s good because it’s sturdy, but not so good when you want to move it anywhere the wheels can’t be used. You’ll need 2 people to lift each half separately.

Best Black Friday Deals on Ping Pong Tables

Stiga XTR

This is not the world’s best table. However, it might just be the perfect fit if you’re looking for a cheap table that can be stored outside and used for playing casually.

It’s a full-sized, weatherproof table that comes with a basic net-and-post set. It easily splits into two halves for easy storage, and comes from a reputable table tennis brand (Stiga). The real selling point though? It’s the price.

Originally selling for $599, this table is now just $399 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. At that price, it’s an absolute bargain.

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Best Black Friday Deals on Table Tennis Rackets

Killerspin Jet400

This is the racket I recommend to all beginners (read our JET400 review to know why), so I always want to share details when it’s on sale.

When you’re just starting to play, you need a racket that produces some reasonable speed and spin, whilst being easy to control. You also don’t want to spend a lot of money on equipment that you might not use too much.

The JET400 is perfectly balanced and at $44 USD is a steal. However, be aware that we’ve seen lower prices (as low as $28) over the last few years. So, it’s a good deal but not the best deal.

Definitely a great present to replace the terrible bats most people have at home.

Best Black Friday Deals on Table Tennis Rubbers

Yasaka Rakza 7

We recommend Yasaka’s Rakza range all the time here at Racket Insight, especially the Rakza 7 which we’ve described as “the ideal rubber for the offensive player looking to develop their game to its full potential

It’s a very versatile rubber for intermediate players who haven’t dialed into a very specific playstyle. It’s an incredibly forgiving rubber, allowing players to build consistency as they build towards becoming a more advanced standard.

At just €28, this is an absolute steal.

Victas Rubbers

Megaspin are running a brilliant extra 10% off Black Friday deal on all Victas rubbers this year when you buy at least 2 rubbers. This even includes the latest V>15, V>20 and V>22 releases which are fantastic offensive rubbers for anyone looking for a harder alternative to Tenergy or Dignics rubbers.

The best individual deal is for the V>15 Double Pack. You’ll get two rubbers for $79.99, when they individually sell for $54.99 each at RRP.

To get extra value, pair this with a Victas blade and you’ll get 20% off your entire order. For example, Megaspin stock the latest offensive blade where Victas partnered with Liam Pitchford (England #1).

Here’s an example of a fantastic deal using this offer:

The Victas Liam Pitchford blade with V>15 Extra on the Forehand and VS>402 on the Backhand is a strong combination


Another superb deal from Dandoy Sports on one of our favorite rubbers. Whilst it’s not the latest generation of Vega rubbers, it still performs fantastically.

In fact, in our review of Xiom Vega Pro, we described it as “an excellent choice for attackers who value speed over spin and don’t want to spend too much“. With this discount, you’re getting a high performing rubber at an insane price.

This is a speedy rubber, fantastic for flat hits, blocks and counter-loops. However, be aware that it lacks some of the spin-generation capabilities of some of it’s more expensive competitors.

Best Black Friday Deals on Table Tennis Blades

Stiga Pro Carbon Cybershape

Dandoy Sports are offering a brilliant 40% discount on their Cybershape Pro Carbon blade this Black Friday. If you’ve been wanting to try the Cybershape for a while, this is the time to do it.

With the carbon layers, this is going to be a light and fast blade. Please only consider buying it if you’re playing an offensive style like The Controller or The Aggressor.

Dandoy ship around the world, so this is your chance to get a Cybershape in your hands!

If you’re a beginner – intermediate player, or you have a more defensive style, consider opting for the Cybershape Future 3-Star version, or the Cybershape Allround Classic (on sale at Dandoy).

Victas Koji Matsushita

This is the classic defensive blade. When the team at Victas developed this, they somehow managed to produce a perfectly balanced defensive blade that works incredibly well with virtually any defensive rubber combination.

For anyone looking to shift to a more defensive style, this is a perfect blade to move into using. On sale now for just €80, this is the perfect time to buy.

Best Black Friday Deals on Table Tennis Robots

Newgy Robo-Pong

Megaspin are offering an additional 15% off their range of Robo-Pong robots. These are advanced robots for people who are willing to spend extra for a robot with all the bells and whistles.

I’m a huge fan of the Robo-Pong 2055 which normally RRP’s for $949.99. With Megaspin’s regular discount and additional 15% off for Black Friday, this brings the price down to just $679.99.

Example deal on the Newgy Robo-Ping 2055 with code NEWGY

Best Online Black Friday Offers By Store


Every year, we see some incredible deals on Megaspin.net. For 2023, we’re still waiting for them to announce all of their Black Friday deals.

So far, they have announced an additional 15% discount on all Newgy robots which is a brilliant option if you’ve been looking to buy a robot.

If you’re a fan of Victas, then it’s worth availing of Megaspin’s 10% off Victas rubbers when you buy more than one. This improves to 20% off if you add a Victas blade into the same order. They have the same offer on Gewo rubbers/blades and Donic rubbers.

Butterfly equipment doesn’t go on sale very often, and when it does the maximum you’re going to get is ~13% discount. That’s what Megaspin are offering this Black Friday on all Butterfly equipment, so now is the best time to invest if you need a new Butterfly rubber or blade.

Dandoy Sports

Dandoy Sports usually appear with some incredible Black Friday deals, and 2023 is no different. You can view all of their deals here. To highlight some of their best ones:

Stiga Cybershape Pro Carbon Plus for 74 EUR, which would pair nicely with the latest DNA Hybrid rubbers for 40 EUR each.

Calibra LT is a classic offensive rubber which is good value at 25 EUR. Donic Bluestar A2 is down to 40 EUR, along with the Acuda range down to 29 EUR and Baracuda for 26 EUR.

Quite a few Yasaka rubbers are on sale for around 30 EUR which is a good price. We love the Rakza Z, Rakza 7, and Rakza 7 Soft. Tibhar Evolution MX-P is down to 31 EUR, another classic rubber which we enjoyed playing with in our MX-P review.

Xiom’s Vega Europe and Vega Pro for 23 EUR are great deals, although sadly they don’t have the new Vega X on sale. Andro rubbers are also available, with the Rasanter series and Hexer series all on sale.

I also need to mention Hurricane 3 NEO for 17 EUR and Fastarc G-1 for 28 EUR.

For blades, they have interesting deals on the Cybershape Allround, Stiga Offensive Classic, Stiga Clipper, Tibhar Alexis Lebrun OFF, and Victas Koki Niwa amongst others.

What is Black Friday?

Black Friday is the term used for the Friday after Thanksgiving in the United States, and it marks the start of the Christmas shopping season. Since 2005, Black Friday has been the busiest shopping day of the year in the US.

The explanation behind the term is that, for many years, lots of retailers would operate at a loss for most of the year (November through January).

However, the fourth Friday of November (Black Friday) usually marked the start of their profitable holiday season.

In the 1980s, most accountants used red ink to work on their balances if the business was operating at a loss. 

Black Friday would be the day on which accountants switched from red ink to black ink, as this date was usually the first one in which businesses started earning profits instead of being “in the red”.

It has now become a tradition for businesses to offer huge discounts on Black Fridays, as this practice is beneficial for shops and consumers alike. 

Many stores, extend the Black Friday sales. Some continue until Monday (Cyber Monday), while others go on for up to a week (Cyber Week).

Luckily, table tennis is not an exception, as there are tons of incredible deals that we can take advantage of, not only on Black Friday but the whole Cyber Week.

Have you seen a deal we’ve not posted here? Let us know by commenting below.

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