The Controller






Superb consistency

Attacking in combinations without missing is their special strength.

Offensive versatility

Controllers dominate the whole palette of offensive strokes.

Tactical knowledge

Controllers gain the upper hand by premeditating their attacks.

Rally players

Their consistency makes them virtually unbeatable in open rallies.



Shot quality

Controllers rely on consistency rather than power to win points.

Play against defenders

It is tough for controllers to hit shots past defenders.

Counterplay ways

Controllers’ shots can be blocked or countered by their opponents.

Point generation

Controllers can’t win easy points off of third ball attacks.


Famous Players


The hard hitting Chinese star and current world no. 1 is virtually unbeatable in open rallies and in backhand exchanges.


The German legend, Timo Boll, is still playing at world class level in his 40s due to his efficient, consistent, and spinny strokes.


The young Japanese star loves to take shots over the bounce and catch their opponents off guard at any given moment.


The Singaporean 2010 Team World Champion loves to put pressure on her opponents with her explosive backhand attacks.


Beginner Rackets

DHS 4002

A heavy, high-performance racket, ideal for performing spinny power loops.

Killerspin JET400

A lightweight, high-quality racket, with a speed and control perfectly balanced.


Top Training Exercises

Backhand, middle, backhand, wide forehand.

This exercise is great for controllers since it works the transition between the backhand and the forehand.

It also works their coordination, their footwork, and their consistency. Controllers should perform this exercise regularly to stay sharp and transition correctly to attack any incoming ball.

Open-up, then backhand exchange until opponent plays down the line.

This irregular exercise is crucial for controllers.

The controller will serve and their partner will push anywhere on the table. Then, the controller has to open up to their partner’s backhand and they will engage in a backhand exchange.

When the opponent wants, they will play down the line and the controller will play a forehand. After that, play the point out normally.


Recommended Blades

Tibhar Stratus Power Wood

Ideal for players who want the perfect balance between speed and control.

Butterfly Viscaria

Butterfly Viscaria

A versatile composite blade that excels at topspin and countertopspin play.

Stiga Infinity VPS V

A blade with superb feeling, high flexibility and immense spin generation.


Recommended Rubbers

Butterfly Tenergy 05

The best rubber for high arching, consistent topspin and counter topspin play.

Butterfly Dignics 05

A direct, hard, high-performance rubber that excels at counter topspins.


Nittaku Fastarc G-1

A grippy European style rubber with a high arc and a great balance speed-spin.

Yasaka Rakza 7

Yasaka Rakza 7

For players looking for extra control and safety with a potential offensive.

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Coaching Tips


Do as many irregular exercises as you can

Irregular exercises are perfect for controllers since they work their reflexes, their footwork, and their coordination. Since controllers like to play points out, they will need an edge in these areas to dominate their opponents in the open rally.

Practice your serve receive

Controllers like to play rallies out while attacking their opponents in different ways. If they can flick their opponent’s serves, they will gain the initiative and get their opponents just where they want them, in the open rally.


Take shots over the bounce on your backhand side

If you take your shots when the ball is rising, you’ll put lots of pressure on your opponent without needing to hit the ball hard. This will allow you to gain the upper hand on most of your backhand exchanges.


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