Best Ping Pong Table Covers

The 5 Best Ping Pong Table Covers To Buy In 2024

Having a ping pong table is a big investment. Most will start their ping pong careers on a club or recreational table, but there’s no better feeling than playing on your own table whenever you want.

Once you have your own dream table, it’s your responsibility to keep it safe.

An indoor table will face different dangers than an outdoor table. Having a cover that protects against the elements is like a match-making process. First, identify your style of table (upright or flat), then understand what risks your table will face, and then find a suitable cover that protects against those.

Table covers can be quite versatile. Outdoor covers can always be used on indoor table, but avoid using an indoor cover if the table is being stored outdoors! Recognizing your table’s environment is the first step to choosing the best ping pong table cover so that your table can stay in great shape and maintain its cosmetic appeal. 

One of these five ping pong table covers will undoubtedly suit your specific needs to a T.

Comparison of the Best Ping Pong Table Covers

Top Pick
Covermates Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

Covermates Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

  • Super durable.
  • Protects indoor & out.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Buckle straps to keep it locked down.
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Most Stylish
Classic Accessories Veranda  Ping Pong Table Cover

Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover

  • Water-resistant fabric
  • In-built air vents to reduce condensation
  • Padded handles
  • Elastic hem cord at the bottom
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Most Durable
STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover

STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover

  • Durable woven PE material
  • Protects the full table down to the floor
  • Elastic hem at the bottom
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Most Versatile
Butterfly Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover

Butterfly Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover

  • Works in upright or flat position
  • Thick waterproof nylon material
  • Convenient handles
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Best Value
Podinor Waterproof Ping Pong Table Cover

Podinor Waterproof Ping Pong Table Cover

  • Waterproof polyester and PVC coating
  • Adjustable side-strap
  • Elastic hem drawstrings at the bottom
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In-Depth Ping Pong Table Cover Reviews

Owning your own table tennis table is a huge privilege, as well as a huge investment. Not many people have the space needed for their own ping pong table. With tables specifically designed for indoor or outdoor use, hopefully you’ve already selected one that’s right for its environment.

In order to protect your investment, it’s definitely worth picking up a cover as well. Covers do an important job, including

  • Preventing the table from being covered in dust.
  • Preventing the table from being knocked/damaged when not in use.
  • Helping protect the table from extreme temperatures.
  • Protecting the table from the elements, if stored outside.

If you have an indoor, temperature-controlled space that isn’t too dusty, then you probably don’t need a cover. Since most of us need to store our tables away from living space, that’s usually a room like a garage that unfortunately can cause issues to your table’s performance over time.

Without a cover, you do risk seeing damage accumulate on the table top, or worse, the top can become warped and unusable. Protect your investment from day one with one of our recommended table tennis table covers.

Best Overall – Covermates Elite Upright Ping Pong Table Cover

Top Pick
Covermates Elite Upright
  • Size: 110" W x 60" D x 30" H
  • Material: Water-resistant 300D stock-dyed polyester
  • Upright / Flat: Upright
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Summary: This is easily the best ping pong table cover available right now. Made of sturdy material that is highly protective and durable, perfectly fitted over your table. Anyone with a table should have one of these.

This is one of the most popular ping pong table covers available right now, for good reason. It’s comfortably the best available for its versatility and durability. For a ‘one-stop-shop’ table cover, this one checks all the right boxes. It can be used as an indoor cover or an outdoor cover.

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Thick And Durable Construction

Covermates Elite covers are made with two layers; a polyester inner lining and a vinyl outside layer. The inside is soft to the touch and will protect your table from any bumps and bruises it may encounter. The outside is thick to protect against the elements.

It’s water-resistant, and so are the zippers, which is a rarer feature than you might think. This is a key factor if you plan to store your table outside. There are four buckles, one on each corner, giving you maximum security against the wind. You won’t wake up one morning and find your cover has blown into the neighbor’s yard.

Useful Wherever You Store Your Table

As a versatile cover, this one is the best ping pong table cover. But, if you’re looking for maximum protection outdoors and you live in an extreme climate, you might want something a little more heavy-duty. In that scenario, upgrade yourself to the Covermates prestige range that are about as protective as you can buy.

This Elite cover can withstand a mild winter, though, so it’s no pushover.


  • Soft interior protects your table’s finish and keeps it sparkling clean
  • Easily handles rain, wind, heat, and cold
  • Waterproof zippers ensure rain can’t get in
  • Four buckles for maximum security against wind
  • Functions as an indoor and outdoor cover
  • Plain Khaki, no corporate logos


  • Not the strongest for harsh weather. 
  • Quite an expensive option.

Most Stylish – Classic Accessories Veranda Cover 

Most Stylish
Classic Accessories Veranda Ping Pong Table Cover
  • Size: 60" W x 28" D x 63" H
  • Material: Woven Polyester
  • Upright / Flat: Upright
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Warranty: 3 Years

Summary:  A classy cover that will keep your patio or games room looking great even when not in use. There are matching covers to get for the rest of your patio furniture as well. 

Just because you want a practical cover doesn’t mean it has to look ugly and dull. This veranda line of covers is made to look good while also protecting your table. They also make covers for various other types of outdoor furniture so that you can match them with your ping pong table cover.

However, a cover has to do more than just look good, and this one fits the bill there as well.

This Cover WILL Protect Your Table

The upper and outside area is made from Gardelle woven polyester water-repellent fabric. This helps to bead the water, making it easier to drain off quickly. The inside is lined with a protective water-resistant 6p-free PVC undercoating which provides a secondary layer of protection.

This is one of few covers with built-in vents to prevent moisture build-up. When moisture gets into your table, it can cause mold or warping. The vents will also protect against wind gusts that threaten to blow your cover off.

Incredibly Easy To Use

Also unique to this cover are the handles. They make removing and putting your cover on much easier. It also helps to identify which way the cover is to be placed on your table.

To ensure the cover stays put, it has a drawstring hem cord at the bottom. While this table cover doesn’t go all the way to the ground, the drawstring provides one of the tightest fits amongst all the table covers.  


  • Classic Look
  • Matching furniture covers available
  • Great weather protection with dual-layer construction
  • Added vents to guard against wind and prevent moisture build-up
  • Handles make the removal and covering process a cinch
  • Drawstring hem cord keeps the cover in place


  • Doesn’t cover wheels
  • Only comes in one color
  • Struggles in extreme heat over time

Most Durable – STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover

Most Durable
STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table Cover
  • Size: 66.5"L by 61"W
  • Material: Woven Polyethylene
  • Upright / Flat: Upright
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Summary: For 100% coverage in harsh climates, the material used here is top of the line. Made by STIGA, you can count on quality and full protection for all parts of your ping pong table

For complete coverage against the elements, I found the STIGA Indoor/Outdoor Premium Table cover to be the best reasonably-priced option. This is also a cover that is made for both indoor and outdoor tables, so if you end up switching your table, you won’t have to change your cover.

Use This Cover Indoors And Outdoors

That being said, I still highly recommend you keep indoor tables indoors. They are very susceptible to moisture, and no cover is completely waterproof.

When I say “complete coverage,” I mean this cover protects your table from top to bottom, all the way to the ground. Not all table covers can say this. It’s a huge perk if you’re using this outside as it keeps debris from getting in underneath.

Fits Many Different Sized Tables

The elastic hems provide a secure fit so the wind won’t be able to blow it off. Because it’s elastic, it’s suitable for smaller tables, not just regulation-sized tables.

This table cover is better than most due to its highly durable, woven PE material. This is very similar to what they use to make premium car covers. It’s soft on the inside and strong on the outside. It’s excellent at beading water off it and will last for many years.


  • Covers the whole table, including the wheels
  • Can be used for outdoor and indoor tables
  • Made from durable PE material
  • Elastic hems keep the cover in place no matter the size of table
  • Protects against weather and scratches


  • Sizeable corporate logo displayed on the outside
  • Indoor tables should still be kept indoors even with this cover  
  • Very boring grey design 

Most Versatile – Butterfly Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover

Most Versatile
Butterfly Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover
  • Size: 60.5" W x 29.5" D x 59" H
  • Material: Nylon
  • Upright / Flat: Upright
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor

Summary: Keep your table protected in any position with this cover that works on folded and unfolded tables. Save time by not having to fold your outdoor table with this thick, waterproof cover. 

I had to include this cover on the list because it’s one of few that allows you to cover your table in both folded and unfolded positions. If you know you’ll be playing again soon, there’s no need to fold your table. Simply lay this cover over your table, net and all, to protect it until next time.

Provides Excellent Outdoor Protection

This cover is made to protect outdoor tables. Its thick, waterproof nylon material is one of the strongest you can get. It provides complete protection against the elements. This kind of material is much stronger than other PVC covers.

Putting this cover on and removing it is made easy with the sewn-in handle. With one hand, you can easily remove this cover and then hang it on the wall to dry or keep it off the ground. The handle also makes it easy to put the cover on as it identifies which end goes where.

Stays Put With High-Quality Zippers

Safely secure the cover using high-quality zippers. These keep the cover tight to your table, whether it’s folded or in its unfolded playing position. 

It does have a large company logo on it, which will either impress or annoy ping pong players. It is tastefully done and will let your guests know that you mean business.


  • Works to cover your table in folded or unfolded position
  • Handle makes it super easy to use
  • Durable zippers
  • High-quality nylon material


  • Large company decal on the outside
  • Water-resistant but may struggle in heavy rains

Best Value – Podinor Waterproof Ping Pong Table Cover

Best Value
Podinor Waterproof Ping Pong Table Cover
  • Size: 65" W x 28" D x 73" H
  • Material: Polyester
  • Upright / Flat: Upright
  • Indoor / Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Warranty: 12 Month

Summary:  For price conscience players, this cover will suit your needs until you can upgrade. The drawstrings keep it in place nicely and the material is strong enough to protect your table from normal wear and tear. 

This cover is intended for anyone on more of a budget. Whilst the material isn’t quite as durable or thick as others on this list, it still provides excellent protection for your outdoor table. It’s also one of few that covers all the way down to the wheels.

Custom Fit To Almost All Sized Tables

At the bottom, you’ll find a tight drawstring system that creates a snug fit around your entire table. This is crucial for outdoor tables to prevent debris and moisture from getting in. It also keeps it in place during high winds and snow/rain storms.

The cover itself is built to last. It’s completely weatherproof and tear-resistant. This feature makes it easy to take on and off since it won’t rip on any of the corners of the table. This is what makes it so protective against all the elements.

Storage When Not In Use Is A Breeze

Although there isn’t a handle, it’s very easy to fold up, so it takes up very little space when not in use. The zippers are double-stitched to keep them firmly sealed throughout adverse weather. Zipping and unzipping are effortless with this system.

While this isn’t the highest quality material, it still has all the makings of a great cover. Your table will be very grateful for the protection it provides.


  • Great protection against bad weather
  • Secure drawstrings keep it in place
  • Double-stitched zippers will last a long time
  • Folds up neatly for easy storage
  • The best bang for your buck cover


  • Not suitable for extreme weather conditions
  • Lacking a handle which makes it a bit tricky to take off.

Ping Pong Table Cover Buying Guide

If you get it right, buying a table cover is something you only have to do once. Choosing one that suits your specific table in your specific environment is vital to maximizing protection.

I’ve put together some key factors you should consider before buying one of the best ping pong table covers.


The first thing to note is what kind of material you will require. There are three main fabrics to choose from;


Most commonly found on indoor table covers, polyester material is best in preventing scratches and knicks. It’s a much lighter and inexpensive material, so it should not be used outside.

It’s also not suitable for protection against moisture. As long as you keep this cover indoors, you can protect your indoor table to the fullest. If you have small kids in the house, then this cover is all you need to keep your table in good shape.


As the next strongest material, PVC is most commonly used on outdoor table covers. It provides an added layer of protection that will prevent your outdoor table from getting too much wear and tear. While it’s not recommended to use this material in extreme weather conditions, it can hold its own against a rainstorm or two.

PVC is usually more affordable. Even if something happens over time, you won’t feel that bad about getting a replacement. Over time, PVC can start to crack if exposed to a lot of direct sunlight. If you want this cover to last, then take good care of it, and it will take care of your table.


For the best protection, look for a cover made from nylon. Unlike PVC, this material will never crack. It’s tear-resistant and usually includes double-stitched zippers because it’s so thick.

For those who only use outdoor tables, this is the best option for you. A nylon cover can be left outside to brave the elements for much longer than a PVC cover. I still don’t recommend leaving your table outside during the harsher months of the year, if it can be avoided. I know not all of us have space inside for it and must keep it outside. If this sounds like you, then stick to the nylon covers.

Upright vs. Flat

A vast majority of modern tables can be folded and stored upright when not in use. Although, if you have the space to keep it out flat that’s so much easier to manage. Either way, you’ll likely want a cover that fits correctly..


You will find that 99% of all covers are to be used while your table is in its folded position. This requires less material, so it keeps the cost of covers down. Also, if you’re covering your table, it’s assumed that you won’t be playing for a while, so it should be folded up anyway.

Upright coverage will include either a drawstring system along the bottom or zippers running up the sides. Both are very good at providing protection; however, the zipper covers are slightly easier to put on and take off. They also have less of a chance of snagging on the corners of your table.


Flat table covers are best used on indoor tables. You don’t want debris or water to collect on your table while it’s outdoors and not being used. Also, if anything heavy falls on your table, it could damage or warp it.

This table cover style saves you from having to fold your table up every time you want to cover it. The Butterfly Weatherproof Table Tennis Table Cover is the only one on this list that will protect your table in its unfolded position. It is an all-weather cover but will last longer if you use it indoors.


Most covers have a 2-year warranty. Some only have a 1-year warranty. If you are an avid player in a climate with wild weather changes, opting for a 2-year warranty cover will suit you best.

These companies are all respected within the table tennis community, so there is no worry of them reneging on their warranty promises. I’ve never heard of anyone using their warranty on these yet, which is a good sign. However, if something does happen with yours, then please let me know.

Indoor vs. Outdoor

As I have mentioned throughout this article, I recommend keeping your indoor tables indoors, with an indoor cover. The same goes for outdoor table owners. While covers promote both outdoor and indoor use, they should still be used in conjunction with the appropriate table.

Most people only own one table. This should make the decision easy as you would want to maximize your protection based on the specific environment. Also, outdoor covers tend to be a bit heavier and may be harder to put on and off in the small confines of an indoor space such as a basement.


Finding the best ping pong table cover is all based on where your table lives for the majority of its life. Indoor tables face different dangers than outdoor tables. You want to protect against those specific threats.

Treat your table kindly, and it will return the favor in spades.        

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